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Posted by tariya on June 23, 2010

Ds most probly wud be the last draft made by me on ds blog which wud rather had taken the shape of something rly big had things been not dt wayward… dis makes an announcement of TARIYA IS DEAD…




many wud even fwink wtf does ds bugger mean by TARIYA. dis is a short description which i wud like to give. not that i like publicizing ma woes. but its juss k “ mere pait me koi baat pachhti nahi hai”. and TARIYA always had a special significance in my life. and blemme it always vl have d same significance. Mayb tomorrow i become a huge moneybag. and i’l be having billions to spend. thn who know i may blow of this world wid ths TARIYA. ‘twaz nofin. its a mere combination of the author’s name and his ex- nickname. ohh fuck. is this the shit he always had on lips.

yes. dis shit z ma enigma. n vl always be. but who knew i was digging ma own grave wid a damn fuckin spade. all z not lost. world is such a small fuckin place to suffocate. who knows …. amazing things have been made possible by wht i call my enigma. and keep it within my heart as the neverdying SPIRIT OF TARIYA.

‘twaz my brainchild…so i had to terminate it. dis blog if off for now…

CHAO !!@@!!


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