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<<deos bieng a man scuk….>>

Posted by tariya on November 23, 2009

NOT that being over with ma gal has rendered me doubting ma manhood but just writing for humour kind of food for the smartest of the lot around.yes does being a guy suck.sometimes it does….when you have to stand in waiting for movie tickets and a sexy chick just gets around and smiles past you (of course a wicked one although enticing)…

so why not discuss the issue or let me put forward ma points and let you cross them scratching your heads….

FIRST sorry is that you have to shave daily…facial hair grows back faster than almost everything else attached to the human body…. And getting rid of it every morning at least to me truly sucks….. You can’t even get it waxed or something.

FINE.courtesy is always your part…We expect women to be pleasing to the eye and all that…but no one really cares if she curses randomly or talks about sex….but what if a man does the same…he gets called insolent, sordid, disorderly and whatnot…. Who rejects a decent looking chick because she farted by mistake?

OKAY LETS FACE IT….however much might a woman try to convince you about how it’s to find a job being a woman, the bottom line is that it isn’t really that hard relatively unless you’re an ugly overweight girl with fat fingers….Men do fall to beauty…yes they do…. and very frequently……taking practically, even if two individuals of an opposite sex with equal skills apply for a job, chances are that the female would make it home.

EASY RIDDANCE…It’s much easier being a woman and getting out of a quarrel with a mere “whatever”….or….”my foot”….. But if you’re a man…………you’re in for a hard time….. Until and unless you answer every question asked by a woman…. and that too to the maximum possible detail….. you keep getting those dreadful, bitchy and scornful looks reminding you of your manliness.

PENELOPE PITSTOP….you must have seen this well know cartoon character….the ancient but till-date common outset of a woman being physically weaker than a man acts as a severe shortcoming for the men….. we get punished more severely……mmmmmm!!! most of the times….mull over those days when you would get beaten for the same offence for which the chick sitting next to you only got a light scolding.

MiSO-GYNIST….go over to the cops and tell them you were just raped by a woman….and see how they react callously…. While if a woman accuses you of raping her……well!!!…… you are in for some appalling beating without her requiring any proof for the blame…….unless you are in a country where the cops use their brains…….Not everyone knows that women can be much more conniving than a man in almost any given situation.

ART OF SEDUCTION….unless you are some ultra trendy casanova who gets more chicks than he can knob…..the game of seduction is HER game…..not yours…..if you get the rule book of the game, you might accomplish something, or else you shall keep waiting until she chooses.

OCCASIONAL FREEBIES…in the current culture….m talking….not only is there laissez-faire for the hot chicks…. but also for all the not-so-hot chicks……if an eye grabbing blonde didn’t pay for her coffee…….. or did not come to the class at the right time ….or did not return the books to the library on the specified date, she might get spared…… but if you did the same…..maan……… you’ll be dug underneath the soil with fines.

PULSAR EFFECT….DEFINETLY MALE…by far the worst part about being a man is this…. When you’re aroused in public…..you get the disgusted looks if you can’t disguise it….. which is something really hard to do.with your ramrod striking hard against your undies…

Well there are even more complications friends because you don’t know how to tackle emotions….feel it when you get dumped by your high school sweetheart and your inner soul comes out rolling on the roads….


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